Philips Momentum 43-inch Monitor Shines With 4K DisplayHDR 1000 And AMD FreeSync

Philips is cranking out a truly high-end display in the form of the Momentum 43-inch gaming monitor. Besides its rather mammoth (for a gaming display) screen size, the Momentum is notable for its support for the DisplayHDR 1000 standard.

Up until now, the VESA standards organization has recognized DisplayHDR 400 and DisplayHDR 600 certified displays, which have brightness ratings of 400 nits and 600 nits respectively. However, given the DisplayHDR 1000 rating, the new Philips Momentum boasts a brightness rating of 1,000 nits.

philips momentum

The display supports 4K resolutions (3840x2160) and 10-bit color input.  In addition, it is able to cover 97.6 percent of the DCI-P3 color space. Other features include 4ms response times (gray-to-gray), 60Hz refresh rate, and support for AMD FreeSync (which it calls Philips Adaptive Sync technology). 

For those that like to add a bit of "mood lighting" to your work/gaming environment, the Momentum display supports Philips Ambiglow technology, which casts a colorful "halo of light" below the display to match the content on the screen. Philips says that this tech in effect "enlarges the screen" and "continuously adapts the color and brightness of the emitted light to match the image".

Physical connections on the monitor are plentiful, as you’ll find DisplayPort 1.2, mini DisplayPort 1.2, and HDMI 2.0. In addition, you can also connect to your notebook using a single USB-C cable, allowing the display to serve as a USB 3.0 hub (two ports are included, both supporting fast charging). Also onboard are DTS Sound support and MultiView display technology.

There's no word yet on U.S. pricing, but the Philips Momentum (436M6VBPAB/75) will be available in Europe for 800 Euro, which is roughly $975.