Philips Enables Streaming From Laptop To TV, No Widget Required

Just a couple days ago, we learned about a few new apps from Samsung that will bring social networking and location based services to compatible Blu-ray Players, Blu-ray Home Theater systems, and TVs. While that sounds cool and all, we can't help but appreciate Philips new technology that doesn't require any widgets or apps. The new Philips Wireless Media Connect technology lets you stream any content from a laptop screen to a compatible Philips TV.

Instead of being limited to a specific app, widget, or Internet service, Philips Wireless Media Connect gives you unlimited options by letting you send any local or Internet content from a laptop to the Philips 7700 Series LED Eco TV or BDP7320 Blu-ray player. The technology requires that special firmware be built into the TV or Blu-ray player. You'll also need to install Wireless Media Connect software on your laptop. After establishing a connection between the TV and laptop, the TV screen will replicate whatever is seen on the laptop. Audio is automatically switched from the computer to the TV as well.

Wireless Media Connect could be useful for sharing photos with a large group, giving a PowerPoint presentation on a TV, or for videoconferencing. You can also stream HD video content directly to the TV from either local media on the laptop or from the Internet.

The content travels between the TV and a laptop using standard Wi-Fi connections and a home network. Although the 7700 Series LED televisions are available now, the Philips Wireless Media Connect technology won’t be available in the TVs until September. The technology will be available in the BDP7320 Blu-ray player ($230) in October.