Petition To Bring Back Google Reader Garners 125K Votes

Google dropped a bombshell on Google Reader users last week by announcing plans to shutter the RSS service on July 1, 2013, giving them just over three months to find an alternative. Many have already flocked to Feedly -- half a million in just a few days, in fact -- and Digg will make a pitch for its own upcoming RSS reader, but what if Google Reader didn't have to shut down?

It's a long shot, but a petition posted to to keep Google Reader afloat has garnered more than 127,000 virtual John Hancocks and counting (the tally currently sits at 127,067 at the time of this writing). Their collective plea isn't just that Google Reader has become an integral part of their online activities, but one of trust, relying on Google not to sweep the rug from underneath their feet at any given moment.

John Hancock signature

"[Google Reader is] still a core part of my Internet use. And of the many, many others who are signed below. Our confidence in Google's other products -- Gmail, YouTube, and yes, even Plus -- requires that we trust you in respecting how and why we use your other products. This isn't just about our data in Reader. This is about us using your product because we love it, because it makes our lives better, and because we trust you not to nuke it," the petition reads.

There are other similar petitions out there, though this particular one posted by Dan Lewis is the most popular. He's shooting for 150,000 signatures, which he'll likely get, even without the support of Dave Winer, the co-creator of the original RSS spec.. The question is, will the Mountain View company have a change of heart?