Peter Molyneux and DeNA To Bring "God Game" To Mobile Devices

Peter Molyneux has become a staple of the gaming industry, most famously (at least recently) known for his stint at Microsoft as the Xbox 360 catapulted itself into stardom. Now, he's focused more on the mobile side, feeling that the future of gaming will be held within the palms of one's hand. This month, he announced a partnership with Japan's own DeNA. The goal? To launch GODUS onto Android and iOS.

"There is something incredible happening on these devices," Molyneux said while hefting a smartphone in one hand. "This is where the home of gaming should really exist. When I decided to leave Microsoft and come to this space, the first thing I had to do is think in a completely different way Console games are the equivalent of making films, whereas mobile is much more like television soap operas. In one you design for a defined time spent sitting, while in the other you design to keep the person coming back to see what happens next."

GODUS is a "God game" title, which is credited to Molyneux. Players are given maximum flexibility in crafting their characters, and the more players that get others to believe in their godliness, the more powerful they become. Creepy? Sure. But you can't knock the replay potential. There's no clear word on when the game will land, but it'll probably make a sizable splash when it does.