Persuade It

My cousin writes news for you here, twice a day, 5 days a week.  He's a very good writer, a charismatic sort, colorful in every respect.  I was going to dig around the net and find you something technically stimulating to read about this evening but instead I thought, why bother? We all need a little inspiration once in a while and I think my cousin (Gregory is his name) bottled it up like few can with this blog post back in November '06.

"Sometimes you need someone to simply say it will be done. Not that it's possible; that it's inevitable. A will to counter the forces arrayed against you. People will follow such a man. In a desultory and tentative fashion at first, but without hesitation later. The noisy leader gets the enthusiasm right out of the gate, and it fades by the first pole. Go to a marketing convention. It's Triumph of the Will in the hall, and morphs back into Little Bo Peep by the time they hit the lobby. You can only show. Telling doesn't last."

A few years back my father (Greg's Uncle) took on the challenge of a heart transplant.  He's still able to "persuade it" even today and you'd never know it.  Thanks Greg.  When I'm feeling weak, I'll try to remember.

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