Perfect World Introduces Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber MMORPG

Perfect World is adding a new martial arts MMORPG known as Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber to its lineup. The game is adapted from Louis Cha's novel of the same name. Players will be immersed in a virtual realm of martial arts fighting where they can choose from three different factions and experience combat in five fighting modes. In addition, players will also be able to choose their own way to play.

Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber runs on Perfect World's EPARCH engine, which is designed to deliver vivid graphics with fine details and an overall more sophisticated visual effect. The game also utilizes the Company's "AX" system which is a new server technology that enhances gamers' interaction between different servers.

Mr. Michael Chi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Perfect World, commented, "Our upcoming martial arts MMORPG, 'Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber,' is a solid addition to our diversified game portfolio. Over the years we have been committed to developing new games in a wide range of genres, to satisfy the varied tastes of different players. We believe 'Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber' will be a great MMORPG, creating a wonderful world of martial arts for our players."