Perceptive Pixel Outs 82" 1080p Multi-Touch Display

HDTVs are getting all sorts of big these days. An 82" HDTV still sounds massive, but not nearly as massive as it did a few years ago.  What if multi-touch is mixed in with that massive size, though?

That's what Perceptive Pixel has done, and the company has just introduced the world's largest projected capacitive display at the SIGGRAPH 2011 conference. The 82" pro-cap display joins the company's existing 27" pro-cap monitor, both of which are aimed (for now) at businesses and enterprise applications.

The new 82" wall display is ideal for use in creative, collaborative environments such as design reviews, concept pitches, storyboarding and brainstorming sessions, among others. It touts a slim LCD form factor, 1080p Full HD panel, an optically bonded construction, 120Hz, sub-1ms response times and "mission-critical reliability." Reports are suggesting that this thing retails for around $100,000 without a bundle, or closer to $120,000 with a workstation + software. Just another line on the credit bill, huh?

Perceptive Pixel Launches World’s Largest Projected Capacitive Display at SIGGRAPH 2011
Posted on Tue, Aug 09, 2011 @ 08:00 AM
New 82" Wall Display Provides Professional-Grade, Large-Format, Multi-Touch Functionality in Slim LCD Form Factor

Vancouver, British Columbia, and New York – Aug. 9, 2011 – Perceptive Pixel, the leading provider of advanced user interface solutions, today announced the launch of its latest breakthrough product at SIGGRAPH 2011, the premier international conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques. The company unveiled its 82" true multi-touch, projected capacitive (pro-cap) LCD display, the largest optically bonded flat-panel pro-cap display in the world. Featuring a remarkably slim profile, measuring just six inches in depth, the new offering expands Perceptive Pixel’s line of professional flat-panel displays, which includes a recently introduced 27" pro-cap desktop display.

Perceptive Pixel is changing the way professionals collaborate, communicate and share information, enabling more intuitive interaction with technology in industries as varied as design, government, finance, media and energy. For computer graphics and animation professionals, touch interactivity has opened up new possibilities for how they interact with and showcase their work. Perceptive Pixel’s new 82" wall display is ideal for use in creative, collaborative environments such as design reviews, concept pitches, storyboarding and brainstorming sessions, among others.

Features of Perceptive Pixel’s new 82" multi-touch LCD display include:

•    Slim LCD form factor
•    1920 x 1080 full-HD resolution
•    Optically bonded
•    Ultra-low parallax
•    120Hz, touch response time of <1ms
•    Mission-critical reliability

“No other company can deliver the precision and performance of our best-in-class optically bonded pro-cap displays,” said David Slobodin, VP hardware engineering at Perceptive Pixel. “Our new 82" multi-touch LCD represents a technological breakthrough that sets a new standard for the display industry.”

“Multi-touch has become fundamental to the way we interact with technology,” said Jeff Han, founder and chief scientist, Perceptive Pixel. “Five years ago here at SIGGRAPH, we introduced the first large-scale true multi-touch display based on rear projection technology. I’m proud to be back at SIGGRAPH 2011 with another industry first – a truly flat-panel 82" display featuring the highly responsive, unlimited multi-touch experience that is the hallmark of our company.”

Perceptive Pixel will be showcasing its advanced multi-touch solutions in the NVIDIA booth (#453) at SIGGRAPH 2011. To schedule a demonstration of Perceptive Pixel’s new 82" pro-cap display and additional multi-touch offerings, contact Diane Carlson, VP of marketing for Perceptive Pixel.