Pentax Makes You The Designer On Optio RS1000 and Optio RZ10 Cameras

Custom cameras. You don't hear that very often. But Pentax is offering you that opportunity with their new Optio RS1000 and Optio RZ10. Both of these point and shoot cameras come with faceplates that can be swapped out for different moods and seasons, and the removable faceplate is to hold interchangeable skins of any personal design.

Pentax calls the design possibilities for the RS1000 "infinite," noting that owners can use the included SkinIt gift card to design and order a free 3M skin. But the design aspect is only half the story. The RS1000 has a 14MP sensor, a 3" rear LCD, 4x optical zoom a credit-card sized frame and a $149.95 price point. It's expected to ship next month.

The Optio RZ10 has a 10x optical zoom lens, dual Shake Reduction (mechanical sensor-shift and digital) and a variety of color options (classic black, pure white, lime and violet). It's expected next month as well for $219.95.

 PENTAX Announces Infinitely Customizable Optio RS1000 and Optio RZ10 with 10X Zoom

GOLDEN, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Focused on the premise that photography is an extremely personal choice, PENTAX Imaging Company has announced two unique compact cameras that allow owners to be themselves.

The new PENTAX Optio RS1000 is easy to use and may be dressed to match the personality and style of its owner. This cosmetically customizable digital camera features a removable faceplate to hold interchangeable skins of any personal design.

The design possibilities for the RS1000 are infinite. Owners may skin this newest Optio to match a mood, an event, a milestone, an outfit, and so much more. There are four ways to get started personalizing the PENTAX Optio RS1000:

1) Immediately dress the camera in a choice of 11 (three plus eight) standard skins that ship with the product.

2) Use the included SKINIT® gift card to design and order a free, high-quality, pre-cut, 3M™ vinyl skin from

3) Use an included stencil to trace cutout lines onto printed photos, wrapping papers, drawings, and more to use as a skin.

4) Download the PENTAX PERSONAL SKIN DESIGNER Adobe Air-based software from (availability to coincide with product shipping). Use the digital designer to import a photo or digital image, saving a skin as a PDF for printing on a color printer.

Personalizing the Optio RS1000 for yourself or someone special brings the fun back into photography. Ideas for use include gifts for wedding attendants, coaches and team parents, teachers, fashionistas, pet lovers, sports fans, corporate events, client gifts, anniversaries, retirements, new parents, scrap bookers, and anyone who is passionate about anything or is just hard-to-buy-for. Besides a unique, completely customizable design, the Optio RS1000 features 14 megapixels, a large three-inch LCD monitor, a high-performance 4X optical zoom lens covering 27.5mm wide angle, and simple, user-friendly operation. Encased in a lightweight body about the size of a credit-card, the RS1000 is compact enough to carry anywhere. This latest PENTAX Optio will ship in October 2010 at $149.95 USD.

Also announced is the PENTAX Optio RZ10 digital compact camera. With a 10X optical zoom lens to capture a wide variety of subjects from travel and landscape to action and sports, the Optio RZ10 offers advanced features and handy functions that make photo shooting simple and effortless for everyone. The 10X zoom offers high-magnification from wide angle to telephoto, as well as powerful macro focus settings. The camera also features dual Shake Reduction (mechanical sensor-shift and digital) for effective blur reduction and an upgraded Auto Picture mode for “hands-off” selection of the most appropriate shooting settings. Sporting a simple and modern, yet functional exterior design, the camera will be available October 2010 in classic black, pure white, lime and violet for $219.95 USD. 
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