Pentax 'Korejanai' K-x DSLR: A Patchwork Quilt Of A Camera

Remember Pentax's K-x DSLR that it delivered back in late September? Believe it or not, the camera you're looking at here is that same model--just one with a whole new outfit. Designed as a limited edition bundle exclusively for the Japanese (or import) market, the Korejanai K-x is a colorful version of the HD-video-equipped K-x. A really colorful version.

Just 100 of these will be produced, and they'll all be sold with a matching Korejanai Robot Model and a limited-run, colorful smc PENTAX DA-L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL lens. The actual hardware of the camera remains the same as the original, though there's no doubt that slinging this around will get the attention of onlookers. Good luck getting your subjects to focus on you and not the camera!

The camera was created by Japanese novelty designer ZariganiWorks, which is credited with crafting such novelty items as the Self Destruct Button USB hub, and those familiar with Korejanai will certainly appreciate the face atop the pop-up flash. Pricing for the Pentax K-x Korejanai Robot Model with matching 18-55mm DA-L lens is set at ¥79,800 inclusive of tax (roughly equivalent to $880). Sales start on November 2nd at 10AM Japanese time, with availability later that month.

Oh, and if you're upset that no special hues will be available for those in the United States, take heart. A red and navy blue model will be made available in US soon, with pricing and an exact ship date to follow in short order.