Penryn To Debute At $999

Details about Intel's upcoming update to Conroe have been slowly leaking out to the public all week. The "Penryn" family of processors is set to succeed the Conroe family at the end of this year. Penryn will introduce SSE4 and take the Core 2 family of processors to 45nm.

Digitimes is now reporting that their sources have told them that the first Intel 45nm processor will be a quad-core Core 2 Extreme, weighing in at $999. It will have a clock frequency of 3.33Ghz, 1333 FSB, and 12MB of L2 cache (3MB per core).
In addition to the quad-core Core 2 Extreme processor, there will be two performance level quad-core processors adopting a 45nm process launched soon after, with both processors adopting a 1333 MHz FSB and 12MB L2 Cache. Another four 45nm dual-core processors (Wolfdale) will be launched in the first half of 2008. Three of the processors will adopt a 1333MHz FSB and 6MB L2 Cache, while the remaining one will adopt a 1066MHz FSB and 3MB L2 Cache, noted the sources.
This is interesting news since it has been long predicted that the first 45nm processor from Intel would be a mobile part based on Penryn with desktop parts not arriving until Q1 2008.
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