Pebble’s Color E-Ink Smartwatch Leaked Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Announcement

Late last week, we brought you news that Pebble is set to launch its next generation smartwatch on Tuesday. Perhaps the most interesting bit of information (other than the fact that the smartwatch is supposed to be thinner and a bit wider) is that the device will feature a color e-ink display.


As is typically the case with new tech products, Tuesday’s big reveal was leaked early — and it was leaked this morning by none other than Pebble itself. A mockup image of the smartwatch is still hosted on Pebble’s website, and shows a sleeker device displaying flight information on a yellow background. Just how “colorful” this new e-ink display will be is unknown at this time, but it’s definitely a nice departure from Pebble’s traditional grey/black display scheme.

pebble yellow

All other specs for the new Pebble smartwatch are pure speculation at this point, but 9to5Mac reckons that the device will feature a Cortex M4 processor, voice recognition courtesy of Nuance, and a completely overhauled operating system that has been built from the ground up by the team responsible for webOS.

The new smartwatch is expected to debit with a price tag of $199, which would put it on equal footing with today’s Pebble Steel. That price also puts it on a level playing field with Android Wear devices like the ASUS ZenWatch, while easily undercutting the upcoming Apple Watch Sport, which will retail for $349.