Pebble Set To Announce Color E-Ink Smartwatch On Tuesday

It was nearly three years ago that Pebble commanded an unbelievable $10 million through its Kickstarter campaign, and it was then that we knew this company would have a bright future. Now, despite the company still being in relative infancy, it is managing to get the world curious about its next release, and it accomplishes it in a most classic way: with a countdown.

Featured front and center on its official website, Pebble has a countdown that leads us to 10:00AM on Tuesday. As seen in the screengrab below, there's not much in way of a hint at what to expect.

Pebble Countdown

But wait - isn't that screen a light blue color? Whereas every single other watch on Pebble's site is white or black? That couldn't be a major hint, could it?

According to 9to5Mac, it is in fact a major hint. The website says that the new watch is reported to offer a wider display that happens to have some color. At the same time, the overall build will be a bit slimmer.

Color is nice, but that wouldn't be the only major gain this upcoming Pebble watch would get. It's also being said that the company has teamed-up with Nuance, creators of voice recognition software Dragon, in order to introduce voice recognition capabilities to the watch. That's big, because it'd open up the floodgates for a number of useful new apps for the device.

Further improvements to this new watch could include a Cortex M4 processor, and an OS built from the ground up. Expected pricing will be about $199 - the same as the Pebble Steel.

While it seems clear that Pebble has a lot of things in the works, it could be that whatever is unveiled on Tuesday may not include some of what's mentioned. We can hope it has as much as possible, though, because a simple color version of the original watch might not turn too many heads.

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