PC/Webcam Motion Detecting Security System

Don't we all love it when clever people take stuff that's right off the shelf, or better still, in hand, and show us how to use it in innovative ways? Simple Help outines a cheap and easy way to set up your own motion detecting security system with detailed, step by step instructions. You don't need much:

1. a PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP (the software is untested on Windows 95 and NT, but should work) 2. a webcam (or two, see advanced) 3. Dorgem - an open source (free) webcam utility. To upload images 'off-site' (in case someone steals your computer) you'll need an FTP account. See the Advanced section when you're done the initial setup.

Most everyone has the equipment already, and many ISPs offer storage as part of their packages, so you can be Big Brother on a budget.

Simple Help