PC World Names The 10 Worst PCs of All Time

There is a fun article over on PC World's site that lists the 10 worst PCs of all time. Then again, I guess it's only fun if you've never owned one of the lemons featured in the article.  There are some surprising and no-so surprising entries in the list.  As someone who sold a few of these heaps, I can attest to their unfortunate qualities.

"Misery, heartbreak, sorrow, and despair. No, I'm not talking about adolescence; I'm referring to what happens when you're stuck with a PC from Hell. Systems that were overpriced and underpowered, parts that failed two days after the warranty expired, marathon phone calls with brain-dead tech support staff--over the years we've suffered more than our share of ills, and so have millions of other innocent PC users. But picking these 10 Worst PCs of All Time wasn't as easy as it sounds."
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