PC Market Supply Chain Sources Project Solid Growth in Second Half of 2014

Tablets might not kill off the PC after all. Growth in the PC market is expected to remain sluggish (IDC even lowered its forecast by 0.1% for 2014 to 6% worldwide), but if the channel is any indication, builders and component manufacturers are feeling confident. A report by DigiTimes today suggests that suppliers in Taiwan are gearing up in anticipation of successful gaming systems and notebooks.

Business desktops are expected to drive PC sales growth, according to Intel.
Intel expects business PCs to show strong sales this year. Shown here is a Lenovo M58e Desktop Tower.

Component manufacturers are looking to the likes of Lenovo to drive those sales. Lenovo has been enjoying steady growth while other players in the market struggle, rocking 55 million computer shipments in a year. Intel is expecting enterprises to drive demand for desktop PCs and recently raised its outlook for the year, based largely on sales it expects from those business computers. AMD, while not raising its forecasts, is making strides in its efforts to reorganize into a company with lower costs and more flexibility. That transformation recently included merging professional and consumer graphics teams into a single unit.