PC Industry Showing Signs Of Life

Don't look now, but it seems as if PC sales are on the up and up. While GPU makers, PC builders and basically every other related company in the industry suffered through the first two quarters as the recession loomed, Dell's latest figures are showing a sign of light in the darkness.

Out of nowhere, the Texas-based outfit reported that its profits stooped less than it had expected during the May through July period, and just so we're clear, we did say profit. Any profit is good these days, and the company's shares shot up around 6% following the news. Dell wasn't alone in the party scene, as HP and Intel also suggested via their newest quarterly reports that the sector was ready for a comeback.

The overall health of the PC industry looks to be improving, with bargain prices, back-to-school and brisk netbook sales to thank. What's funny is that this is all happening despite the fact that Windows 7 will be out here in a few months. You'd think folks needing a new PC would just hold off for Win7, but considering that Microsoft is allowing its partners to offer free or discounted Win7 upgrades, that may be helping sales out. Another amazing figure was that some 80% of Dell's sales come from sales to businesses, government agencies and other "institutions," and if corporate America is buying, you things are looking up.