PC Gaming Nightmare: Fire Ants Invade Rig And To Devour A GeForce GPU

pc gaming nightmare fire ants invade rig and to devour a geforce gpu
Ants in your pants are bad enough, but for us techies, ants in a computer can be just as bad. At least, that is what Reddit user u/Thejus_Parol found out. When temps skyrocketed in his system, he found that its internal components were a feasting ground for a swarm of ants that somehow found their way into the computer.

Just a few days ago, Thejus_Parol posted some pictures to the PC Master Race subreddit with the title of “Ants are eating my gpu.” Thejus_Parol explained that initially, the PC was running normally until the max GPU temperatures kept increasing. When Thejus_Parol went to inspect the PC, he found ants on top of the GPU and the case, as well as coming out of the GPU heatsink. Upon seeing this, he disassembled the GPU and found that the ants were eating thermal pads and paste.

Ants are eating my gpu
byu/Thejus_Parol inpcmasterrace

Despite the removal of ants and a re-application of thermal paste, the ants sadly reappeared doing the exact same thing. One of the higher-upvoted comments on the post noted that these looked like red imported fire ants, which supposedly have a knack for getting into electronics, and that Parol might be getting into a non-stop war with the ants.

Regardless of the variety of ants, having insects of any type in a computer can cause a plethora of problems, from frying components to compromising stability. As such, take this as a warning to keep an eye on your electronics, keep workspaces clean, and perhaps have an exterminator on standby to solve the problem.
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