PC Gaming Market Alive and Thriving as Related Hardware Business Tops $23 Billion

Some people would have you believe that PC gaming is all but dead, nothing more than a decrepit reminder of the early days of videogames, and one that's on life support as publishers and developers switch their focus to dedicated consoles and mobile platforms. They are, of course, dead wrong. So wrong, in fact, that Jon Peddie Research (JPR) saw fit to announce that the PC gaming hardware market is on pace to hit $23.6 billion in 2012, which is hardly the sign of a dying sector.

"We are witnessing the market morph and grow into different areas. This has always been a strong point of PC gaming; the ability to adapt to different entertainment environments and requirements. The hobbyist aspect of the DIY market is driving billions in component sales and small form factor rigs are being hooked up to HDTVs, essentially being used as "super consoles," explains Ted Pollak, Senior Gaming Analyst for JPR.

Game consoles have nothing on PC gaming setups like this one.

JPR estimates that there are 54 million performance and enthusiast class PC gamers spread out around the globe. New entrants and console converts are expected to drive that figure to 72 million by 2015 as the PC gaming hardware market approaches $32 million.

"The recession is winding down and the enthusiast and performance class PC gamers (those who spend over $1000 on equipment) have spoken...with their wallets," JPR proclaims. "With chips from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, new machines from Alienware, HP, Lenovo and others, components and accessories from companies like Asus, EVGA, Corsair, Logitech, and MadCatz, and new games in the pipe like Far Cry 3, BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, ARMA 3, rFactor 2, and Interstellar Marines, the financial engine of the world's most elite gaming platform is fully fueled and will drive the global market to $32 billion by 2015."

Amen to that, and viva la PC gaming!