Pat Gelsinger Departs Intel For EMC, Leaves Digital Enterprise Wide Open

We've always heard that fall was a time for change, and evidently Intel's a firm believer in that very mantra. In a release issued today by the chip giant, a whole heap of organizational changes were announced during the run-up to IDF 2009 in San Francisco later this month, with the most notable change being the departure of longtime Intel veteran Pat Gelsinger. Intel describes the corner office shake-up as an array of "organizational changes" that'll lead to the expansion of some "key executive responsibilities." Here is Intel's blurb on the matter:
"The changes align the business around the core competencies of Intel Architecture and world class manufacturing, placing operating responsibility for them in three senior executives. In making the changes, Paul Otellini, Intel's chief executive, will devote a higher quotient of his time to corporate strategy and driving the company's growth initiatives."

We're also informed of a few high-level alterations to the norm, most of which is rather boring to the outside world that doesn't keep tabs on who is in charge of who down in Santa Clara. First off, the company is consolidating all of its major product divisions into the newly formed Intel Architecture Group (IAG), which will be co-managed by Sean Maloney and Dadi Perlmutter, both executive vice presidents. The former will be tasked with handling business and operations while the latter will lead product development and architecture. Secondly, the outfit's global manufacturing organization, the Technology and Manufacturing Group (TMG), will now report to Andy Bryant, Intel's chief administrative officer and also an executive vice president. The TMG organization under Bob Baker, Bill Holt and Brian Krzanich will report to Bryant but otherwise remain unchanged, while Baker will continue to oversee Intel's NAND flash memory business. There are a few other names finding new hats, but we'll spare you the gory details there. The real kicker is the afterthought addition to the press release that comes clean with this:
"Pat Gelsinger and Bruce Sewell have decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities."

What opportunities, you ask? Well, Mr. Gelsinger has somehow worked a deal that'll make him the President & COO of Information Infrastructure Products over at EMC. EMC tells us that he will be responsible for EMC’s Information Infrastructure product portfolio, including its Information Storage, RSA Information Security, Content Management and Archiving and Ionix IT management divisions. What's wild is that Pat formerly worked as Senior Vice President and Co-General Manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group, which is no small division. In fact, that very segment is Intel's largest business group accounting for more than half of its annual revenue.

It's unclear who will be chosen to replace Pat, if anyone, but we get the impression that Intel will at least have things somewhat in order before IDF. Who knows--maybe a change of pace will be best for both Intel and Pat. A fresh set of eyes never hurt anyone making silicon-based wares, right?