Passengers React To Tesla 'Insane Mode' Button That Delivers 0-60 In A Breakneck 3 Second Burst

The Tesla Model S P85D is a beast; there is no question about it. The all-wheel-drive electric sedan [officially] generates 691hp and 687 ft-lbs of peak torque. That’s enough to hurtle the 4,900-pound vehicle to 60 mph in roughly three seconds. But as we learned in our last report on the P85D, the vehicle is actually laying down a mind-blowing 864 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels, which allowed it to absolutely trounce its “lesser” P85 sibling in a drag race.

We all know that the P85D can do, but what happens when you toss an unsuspecting person into the passenger seat of the vehicle for some wickedly fast takeoffs? It’s a good thing that the folks over at Drag Times have uploaded a video to YouTube that shows a generous driver, who goes by the name Brooks, giving passengers the thrill (or scare) of their lives, one after another.

(Source: TESLARATI vis Twitter)

The passengers are subjected to “silent fury” courtesy of “Insane Mode,” which unleashes all of the P85D’s power at once and minimizes wheel spin at launch. We won’t give away all of the hilarious antics that go down in the three-minute long video, but we will say that the P85D may be one of the first things to make a kid drop his or her smartphone and pay attention for a change.

With the Model S P85D now out in the wild, the next big release from Tesla will come in the form of the Model X crossover that will use a similar AWD setup. The entry-level Model III sedan will follow soon after the Model X. Tesla CEO Elon Musk asserts that the Model III, which will have a driving range of 200 miles, will cost roughly $35,000 before any federal or state credits/rebates are applied.