Paper Sorcerer: A Full-Featured, Hand-Drawn RPG Video Game

Indie Game: The Movie helped a lot of people realize just how intensive the process of creating a video game really is. But imagine if you had to swap coding for hand-drawing. The golden age of cartoons are remarked on frequently, but the art of drawing animations by hand has dwindled a bit in the breakneck industry of gaming. Paper Sorcerer is trying to bring some of that flair back to life, with the title being described as an entire RPG created on paper.

Jesse Gallagher established Ultra Runaway Games in order to expound upon his art education and freelancing background in the gaming industry. According to reports, he had this to say: "I had started making some simpler games that I wasn't as passionate about. At the same time, I’d been working on my art, trying to find a style that worked for me. From working in 3D, I became really interested in creating hand-drawn textures, the experience of being able to move around inside a drawing was an exciting feeling for me. The first time I had finished a prototype, a character that you could move around and interact with the environment, that was the moment of inspiration, when I thought, ‘I can actually do this.’"

The end result is a turn-based role-playing title that looks downright beautiful, tempting players to master 300 skills across over 40 dungeons. In fact, the game should take most gamers around 20 hours to complete. That's a heck of a lot of paper, folks.
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