Paper Phone Bends To Operate, Dazzles On Video

Display technologies have stalled. There, we said it. A few years ago, we were seriously seeing tons of innovation with display technologies -- everything from color e-ink to Mirasol. But hardly any of those technologies ever grew into a product that could be shipped to consumers, and thus, we're left with normal B&W e-paper and LCDs, with a few OLED display sprinkled in for good measure. But we aren't giving up hope. Researchers from Queens University have introduced a new flexible, e-ink display at the Computer Human Interaction conference, and it's one that they believe could one day replace smartphones.

That's a bold claim, for sure, but the Paper Phone truly is something else. The device is totally flexible, allowing users to control it by bending it. Roel Vertegaal an associate professor of computer science at Queens University, had this to say: "That means we can use the types of metaphors you find when reading or working with paper documents now working with computers. If you want to turn the page you simply bend the top right corner and you go to the next page."

With things like this, it's best described through video, so that's exactly what's here. Enjoy!
Tags:  display, e-paper, e-ink