PaPaLaB Camera Sees Colors That Humans See

Not sure if you've noticed, but the human eye is pretty perceptive. So perceptive, in fact, that camera manufacturers have been attempting to create cameras that can see the same colors as a human eye for years, and while some have been created, they've all been so enormous that they're generally not useful to folks who would care to use them.

PaPaLaB, a Japan-based venture firm that specializes in far-out camera technologies and optical measurement systems, has just revealed an all new solution that may bring that kind of wishful thinking into a form factor that can be taken out and taken advantage of. The YC-3300 is an industrial camera that has been dubbed a "full-visible-color-gamut camera."According to the company, it can "take pictures with the same colors as seen by human eyes and expects that it will be used to take pictures for digital archives and medical purposes."

Tech-On recently sat down with the president of PaPaLaB, and he noted that his new system can "take pictures with colors in the same color gamut as our eyes can see, and the colors of objects in those pictures are the same as those of the objects seen directly by human eyes." He also noted that the only major difference between this camera and other existing ones was the color filter, but obviously that makes a huge enough difference to drastically decrease the size needed to pull such a stunt off. It's an interested read if you're into that type of thing, but we still don't know when this will be implemented in the modern day DSLR or point and shoot pocket cam.
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