Pandora Premium On-Demand Streaming Music Service Arrives This Week

Are you ready to open up the Pandora’s box of music streaming? Pandora Premium, a new and improved version of Pandora’s on-demand music streaming service, arrives this week. The company employed its Music Genome Project and the feedback it has received from 81 million users to develop this latest service.

According to Pandora, “When we set out to build a premium music experience-- one that would set the new standard for what a music service could be-- we knew it had to be truly personal, be thoughtfully designed and take the work out of managing your world of music.”
pandora playlist
Like Pandora, Pandora Premium will have a “My Music” selection which contains every station a user has created and a list of the user’s most recent songs. Pandora Premium will also boast a “My Thumbs Up” playlist which will include a every song a user has given a thumbs up to, regardless of station. The process of thumbing up a song is the same as it was in regular Pandora, with the new addition of the playlist.

Pandora Premium in particular makes it easier to create a new playlist or find a new song. Users can start a playlist with a few songs and click “Add Similar Songs” to have Pandora finish it off. The service also now includes album recommendations in the browse feature. If a user listens to a specific genre, Pandora will provide a list of the latest releases in those genres, not just the most popular content. Pandora Premium has filtered out karaoke tracks and knock-off covers as well in order to make searching easier. These results will reportedly become more accurate and “smarter” over time.
now playing
Like Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium will incorporate an offline feature that enables users to download their favorite stations and access them when they lose a Wi-Fi and/or cell signal. Pandora Premium will also lets users download any album, song or playlist for offline use without limits. To top it off, the background color of the app will automatically change to fit the album’s mood, there is a new layout for playback controls, and a new menu for collecting, downloading and sharing.

Pandora Premium plans to include in the future “Auto-Play”, a feature that would pick up right where a song ended. The company also intends to make Pandora Premium available on more devices. The service will cost $9.99 USD a month and you can sign-up for the Pandora Premium invite here.