Pandora Launches New HTML5-Powered Smart TV App, Available on Xbox 360 Now

Pandora is feeling the squeeze. Its competitors are growing in both number and stature, and the field of streaming music and streaming “radio stations” is getting very, very crowded. The company is also facing difficulties paying royalty costs, which led Pandora to cap mobile listening to 40 hours per month.

However, Pandora is not sitting idly by; the company has elbowed its way onto the TV screen with a new smart TV app called It is what you’d expect it to be: a neatly redesigned Pandora UI that runs the service on your TV screen instead of merely your PC or mobile device.

Pandora built the app with open web standards, which it (probably rightly so) believes will ensure that it will be there many years from now. works on the Xbox 360 (already) and PlayStation 3 browsers and should be supported on standards-based smart TVs, set-top boxes, and other game consoles “in the coming months”.

It’s a rather simple idea, bringing Pandora to the TV set, but it’s a good one. Pandora hopes that this innovation will help it stay strong in a tough market.