Pandora Comes to Chromecast For Streaming Good Vibrations

Little by little, Google's tiny Chromecast device is becoming a more compelling option with each passing day. For the money, we were actually fond of the streaming dongle from the very beginning, and it's only gotten better since then. A Chromecast iOS app became official not long after launch, and more recently, Hulu Plus joined the party. What comes next?

Effective immediately, you can stream Pandora through your television using Chromecast, thereby taking advantage of what might be the best speakers in your home (especially if you're running a full fledged home theater setup).

"Download the latest version of the Pandora app on your Android smartphone or tablet or iPhone, and look for the same cast button you’re already used to," Google's Chrome team announced in a Google Plus post.

Pandora Chromecast

Pandora joins Netflix, YouTube, and the aforementioned Hulu Plus service on Chromecast, helping to flesh out a list of heavy hitters that make the $35 stick a more attractive investment. Pandora was arguably the most popular service missing from the list prior to today, and it's nice to see that support is added through both the Android and iOS version of the app at the same time.

Unfortunately, support has not yet been added for the iPad, only the iPhone on the iOS side, though Pandora says iPad support is "coming soon."