Palm, Sprint Marginally Update Media on the Pre

On Thursday, Palm and Sprint had a webcast to go over --- what else? --- the Palm Pre. Unfortunately, the information we all wanted to hear, meaning pricing and availability, was not revealed. What they did dish on were the service plans.
  • Individuals can choose from 450 minutes ($69.99), 900 minutes ($89.99) or unlimited plans ($99.99).
  • Families can choose from 1500 minutes ($129.99), 3000 minutes ($169.99) or unlimited plans ($189.99).
  • Business customers can pool their minutes together using an unlimited plan.
Oh, and why the name Pre? "Because it’s anticipatory," and indicates looking forward to the future, "ahead of time." Well, at the rate things are going we could be anticipating the Pre for quite some time, although they still say 1H09. We're still betting that means June, which could mean the Pre launch's star power is dimmed somewhat by (speaking of anticipation) the expected launch of the 3rd generation iPhone.