Palm Bringing New WebOS Phones To Market In 2011

Phew. That's a big sigh of relief coming from everyone who thought even for a second that HP's purchase of Palm may end up being the last of WebOS. Palm was only able to launch a couple of phones based on WebOS before being acquired by a much larger HP, and the future of the mobile OS has been up in the air ever since. We have heard that WebOS will be possibly used on select tablets and printers, but the future of "Palm smartphones" has been murky at best.

Thankfully, some of that mystery is gone today. Senior Vice President Eric Cador told an industry conference the following: "You will see us coming early next year with new phones." That's very reassuring news for those who were holding out for a modern replacement to their Pre or Pixi, and it shows that HP doesn't intend on killing an OS that Palm started.

In fact, Cador said that Palm's IP was "extremely fundamental," but he never actually said what kind of new phones were coming. It's hard to think that at least one of these new phones won't be a full touch screen device to rival the Droid and iPhone, but who knows what Palm/HP have up their sleeves. Hopefully it'll be the resurgence that WebOS deserves, and it can't come soon enough.