Palm, Apple in Dueling Smartphone Satisfaction Survey

Despite gripes about AT&T coverage, issues with the App Store, and lawsuits about missing MMS, people love the iPhone 3GS, or at least the 200 users surveyed by Capital and Changewave Research do.

According to the survey, 99% of the users felt "satisfied" with iPhone 3GS, with 82% being "very satisfied." Meanwhile, the Palm Pre, the latest challenger to the iPhone scored 87% satisfied, and 45% very satisfied.

On the positive side for the Palm Pre, RBC's Mike Abramsky wrote in a report to clients Friday, "that's the highest score ever recorded in our prior Palm satisfaction surveys and above all other manufacturers except RIM (48%) and Apple (82%)."

Specifically, what do people like and dislike about the iPhone 3GS?

  • Touch-Screen interface (45%)
  • Ease of Use (41%)
  • Faster Web browsing (33%)
  • Third Party Applications (31%)
  • Screen Size (17%)
  • 3.2 MP camera with video (16%)
  • AT&T Network (aha!) (55%)
  • Short Battery Life (41%)
  • IT Dept. Doesn't Support (8%)
  • No Handwriting Recognition (8%)
  • Difficulty Importing Contact List (8%)
Specifically, what do people like and dislike about the Palm Pre?

  • Touch screen interface (47%)
  • Multi-tasking (interesting how the lack of multi-tasking of the iPhone was not listed as a dislike) (42%)
  • Ease of use (39%)
  • Coverage Speed / Quality of Sprint Network (24%)
  • Synergy Integration (21%)
  • Slide Out Keyboard (21%)
  • Short Battery Life (45%)
  • Third Party Apps (or rather, the lack thereof) (24%)
  • Media Player (11%)
  • Require to use Sprint's network (eh?) (11%)
  • Difficult to Use (8%)
  • IT Dept. Doesn't Support (8%)
The fact that both devices list the fact that the IT department does not support the phones shows what already apparent: that end users want to take these "cool" devices into and use them in their corporations, rather than the rather prosaic BlackBerry.
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