Palm Ad Shows Off WebOS 2.0 Features On Pre 2

WebOS 2.0 is being viewed by many as a major overhaul of Palm's mobile operating system, but Palm has not shown it very much to the public. But with the Pre 2 now official and on sale in France, there's no real use in keeping things undercover now. Palm, or HP really, has just revealed the first public ad for WebOS 2.0 and the Pre 2. The minute-long ad shows off a bunch of new WebOS 2.0 features, and of course, a glimpse of the phone running Angry Birds.

The Pre 2 is being advertised as the fastest Palm smartphone yet, with a revamped card/bunching system and plenty of speed to go along with it. We know things can be sped up for the sake of the commercial, but it all looks buttery smooth. Have a look yourself; the Pre 2 may not have a significantly different design, but the OS might just get Palm back into the game.