Paging Doctor Google: Johnson & Johnson Partners With GOOG To Co-Develop Surgical Robotics Technologies

If Google isn’t getting under your skin yet, it might be in the future. Medical devices juggernaut Johnson & Johnson announced this week that one its companies is partnering with Google to create technologies that improve robot-enhanced surgeries. Ethicon makes surgical shears, staplers, and related equipment.

Johnson & Johnson is partnering with Google to improve robotics for surgical procedures
Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters

“Robotic-assisted surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that uses technology to give surgeons greater control, access and accuracy during the surgical procedure while benefitting patients by minimizing trauma and scarring, enabling accelerated post-surgical healing,” Johnson & Johnson said in a statement. “The companies seek to develop new robotic tools and capabilities for surgeons and operating room professionals that integrate best-in-class medical device technology with leading-edge robotic system, imaging and data analytics.”

Google products and technologies have been working their way into healthcare for years. It wasn’t long ago that a surgeon made headlines for streaming a knee surgery via Google Glass. And in fact, Google’s Life Sciences team (a part of Google X) is the group that Ethicon will be collaborating with on robotic surgical technologies.