Packard Bell Ships Studio ST Multi-Media Hard Drive

Packard Bell. That's a name that takes you back in time, huh? Believe it or not, Packard Bell hasn't gone anywhere in the U.K., and they're actually a fairly popular brand across the Atlantic. It's actually kind of a shame that the company isn't doing much else in America any more, as this is one of the most useful products we've seen in the storage market from any company.

The Studio ST is one of the nicer looking multi-media hard drives on the market, similar to something that we'd expect to see from LaCie here in the U.S. The drive holds between 500GB and 2TB worth of your favorite flicks, pics and tunes, and it's even capable of outputting 1080p video over HDMI with Dolby Digital surround sound in tact. The unit itself has a glossy black finish, a USB port (for plugging in media through another external drive or a USB key) and it even supports auto-backups. That means it can keep your files backed up when you're not using it for its media purposes.

The company claims that it can play back all of the main formats in audio, video and images, though pricing and availability will vary based on country.

Packard Bell Studio ST, your TV entertainer

· Compact, stylish design
· Easy-to-use interface
· High-definition video-out (1080p)
· All-digital HDMI, with cables included
· Eco-friendly

Packard Bell, one of the leading technology brands in Europe, refreshes its multimedia storage line-up
with the introduction of the new Packard Bell Studio ST.

If you are looking for an external drive to carry your personal music, videos and photos and play them
back on a TV set, the new multimedia storage Packard Bell Studio ST is the perfect partner.
With its distinctive angular shape, its black glossy finish, its compact and stylish design, it perfectly fits
any home interior: a real and practical asset to the living room.

Extremely easy-to-use, it comes with a new remote control and has a USB port for sharing or playing
files stored on other USB mass storage devices - such as USB keys and hard drives. The new
Packard Bell Studio ST plays all versions of the most common videos, pictures and audio files and is
capable of Dolby® Digital decoding. Its intuitive graphical user interface, developed in most European
languages, also allows easy browsing of multimedia content.

The Packard Bell Studio ST comes with the Packard Bell Software Suite for automatic, scheduled
continuous backup, data synchronisation and system archiving.

The drive is eco-friendly. It features PowerSave Technology, which reduces power consumption by
60% by powering down, when the drive is inactive for a given period of time, or automatically turning
off and on when the personal computer is off or on. PowerSave Technology also extends the drive’s
effective life expectancy by reducing disk drive usage. Finally, the drive is designed for fan-less silent
operation, for maximum comfort.

The new Packard Bell Studio ST features up to 2TB of high-speed storage and transfer for
multimedia files and provides superb video playback, thanks to its HD component video output
(1080p) and its HDMI™ port. All-digital cables are included (composite A/V, YPbPr, HDMI, and

The Packard Bell Studio ST supports all main playback formats (audio, video and pictures), TV
standards and Dolby® Stereo sound.

Packard Bell Studio ST is available in stores with 500 GB up to 2 TB capacities.
Availability and street price vary according to country.