Own a Piece of Hollywood Sci-Fi History

True science fiction aficionados can often be spotted by their collections of figurines, movie posters, and large Sci-Fi DVD collections. It's typically not enough to just watch the films and read the books--true fans like to steep in a more tangible world where replicas and miniatures can make the experience seem even more real. But for the ultimate Sci-Fi geek, nothing rivals reliving the world of cinema than actually owning an original piece of a favorite movie; we're not talking about a strip of cellulose film here--we're talking about an actual prop, like Luke Skywalker's lightsaber ($150,000) from the first two Star Wars films or the actual cowl ($15,000) worn by Christian Bale in Batman Begins.

We might be in a recession, but wouldn't bidding $4,000 for the Loki Mask from the Jim Carrey film, The Mask, or $80,000 for the original 82-inch diameter model of the spaceship from Forbidden Planet, be worth the investment? On Thursday, December 11 at 12 P.M. (PST) these and many other original props and memorabilia will be auctioned off by Profiles in History in its "Hollywood Auction 33." Bidders can participate in person (in Calabasas Hills, California), via telephone, fax, mail, or even in real-time over the Internet via eBay Live Auctions.

As the auction title indicates, the items being auctioned off are not relegated solely to the world of Sci-Fi. The 525 lots in the auction include costumes, props, sketches, models, shooting scripts, original animation cells, autographed first edition books, movie posters, and production stills for many films--not just Sci-Fi. For instance, an army coat ($15,000) with the name "Kurtz," worn by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now is being auctioned; as is a prop Wonka Bar ($3,000) from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Even if you don't have the disposable income to bid on any of these items, it is well worth it to take a stroll down memory lane just by perusing the many items that are up for auction. You can view the items on the Profiles In History Website or download a PDF of the complete auction catalog here. The PDF catalog is much easy to navigate through than the site; and don't be thrown off by all the Greta Garbo portraits at the beginning of the catalog--the Sci-Fi props start about 100 pages into the 200 page catalog. That said, we're particular interested in the red tricycle ($30,000) from The Omen (page 96) and the three-volume set of a signed, first edition, The Lord of the Rings ($80,000).