Over 900,000 Android Devices Activated Daily Claims Andy Rubin

According to Andy Rubin, who heads up development of Android at Google, the mobile OS is continuing to grow at a rapid pace; In fact, Rubin says over 900,000 devices running on Android are now being activated every day.

This isn't the first time Rubin has released growth numbers for the mobile OS. By the end of June last year, Google figured about 500,000 devices per day were being activated. By the end of February, the number had increased to 850,000 per day. Rubin didn't provide information on the breakdown of how many of those activations were smartphones, tablets, or other devices.

Although the growth rate of daily Android activations has slowed over the past year, the numbers are still very impressive. IDC expects Android to maintain its current dominance this year, reaching its peak before losing market share in future years to Windows Phone.

In addition to releasing activation numbers via Twitter, Rubin also put rumors to rest that he might be leaving Google, simply saying, "No plans to leave Google."