Over 10,000 Classic Amiga Games And Applications Available To Play Online Courtesy Of Internet Archive

If you've been feeling nostalgic lately, the Internet Archive has your fix. Jason Scott, the tireless archivist that's fleshed out the site with thousands of classic titles for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Sega Genesis, Atari 7800, and other dated platforms, all neatly wrapped in emulation, has added more than 10,000 Amiga applications, including over 2,000 games.

These are all playable in your web browser, though performance varies depending on which one you're running. In our limited testing, games seemed to work best in Firefox and felt a little slow in Chrome and Edge. There's also the issue of figuring out keyboard controls without any instructions, especially if it's your first time playing a game and you have no idea what maneuvers are available.

Bubble Bobble

So it's not perfect, but you can't beat the price—free! The catalog is pretty extensive too, with games like Bubble Bobble, R Type, Double Dragon, Batman The Movie, Lemmings Holiday, Street Gang, Ninja Mission, and plenty more. And on the non-gaming side, you have titles such as Deluxe Paint IV 4.0 and Lotus 123 version 1.0.

While extensive, the catalog of titles isn't all-inclusive. There are some notable omissions, such as Sid Meier's Civilization. You might also run into duplicates, such as 3615 Load (it's in there twice), as well as different version numbers of the same game.

One piece of advice—be patient when loading a game. Many of the games take a bit to load and because the playable section of the browser goes dark, it can look like something went wrong. Just hang tight, chances are the game just hasn't finished loading.

You can sort through the entire catalog of Amiga titles here.