OUYA Throws Dissatisfied Kickstarters $13.37 Bone

OUYA was a rousing success on Kickstarter, and in a very short time, the project developed into an actual commercial offering with a real product on store shelves and a host of developers working on games for the $99 gaming console. OUYA even raised enough money to fund a million-dollar game-seeding award.

However, not everyone was happy, a fact that OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman has acknowledged in a letter to Kickstarter backers in which she wrote, “It wasn't OK that some of you-our most loyal supporters-didn't get your OUYA until after it was on store shelves. Others had an issue with our still-new customer service.” Other didn’t receive controllers they ordered.

OUYA gaming console

In order to appease those who helped fund the whole OUYA project from the get-go and show their appreciation, OUYA is offering any unhappy campers $13.37 in store credit.

“If you are annoyed with us, we hope this is a first step to winning back your <3,” reads the letter. “We've learned a lot over the past year and we're going to continue making Ouya better every day!”

We applaud OUYA for admitting where it has failed, and offering some money is a sign of good faith. (We suppose it could cost the company a good bit of money, depending on how many people claim the $13.37.) However, such a relatively small amount doesn’t go very far, and the amount seems rather cute, as it appears to be a reference to "leet". (Which is ironic, because these failings aren't very leet. Or is that part of the joke?)

What do you think? Is OUYA making things right with grace and humor, or is this more of a slap in the face to Kickstarters who have had frustrating experiences with the company?