OUYA Shipping Consoles to Kickstarter Backers March 28th

The time for OUYA’s official release in June is coming, but in the meantime, backers of the project (when OUYA was just a Kickstarter darling and nothing more) are getting their consoles early. We knew that it would be sometime in March, but the official word from the OUYA blog is that consoles will start shipping on March 28th.

In the post, co-founder Julie Uhrman did note that it could take a few weeks for everyone in the queue to receive their consoles, but that’s probably because there are “tens of thousands” of backers that are getting an early device.


The Ball
Screengrab from "The Ball"

The post included some news about upcoming games, too. Airtight Games and Tripwire Interactive are both developing an exclusive title each for the system. The latter is porting its “The Ball” to OUYA, just as nWay and Minority Media are bringing “ChronoBlade” and “Papo & Yo”, respectively.