Ouya Development Consoles Shipping In December

When the team behind the Ouya open source gaming console was soliciting startup funds on Kickstarter, we all took notice, and despite asking for just $950,000 in cash, the group found itself flush with nearly $8.6 million in cash. Apparently the prospect of a $109 gaming console that was built specifically to be hacked and tweaked by basement geniuses everywhere and could maybe someday contend with the industry heavy hitters was just too hard for grassroots donors to resist.

Those donors who forked over enough cash to qualify are getting a slightly belated Christmas present: The Ouya team announced that it will be shipping its advance consoles this month. They’ll leave the factory on December 28th and be in developers’ hands a few days hence.

Ouya prototype
Ouya prototype

The team also said in a post on Kickstarter that the Ouya Development Kit (ODK) is currently in the testing phase, and users will be able to create accounts by December 25th.

Ouya still has a long ways to go before it can be considered a success, such as shipping an actual product, building a games library, etc., but it’s a very good sign that the consoles appear to be in the manufacturing process at present.