Ouija Boards And My Little Pony, Top Picks For Black Friday Shoppers, According To Google Search Projections

Talking to ghosts and spirits is all fun and games until they talk back or proceed to haunt your home with terrifying results. Or perhaps we've watched too many horror flicks. We're not the only ones, however, as Ouija boards are making a comeback in a big way this holiday shopping season. Piggybacking on the movie "Ouija," searches for "Ouija boards" are up 300 percent since October, Google says.

That's helped the Ouija board become No. 5 on Google's list of top trending toys, which sits ahead of Peppa Pig (No. 6), Shopkins (No. 7), Nerf guns (No. 8), Barbie Dream House (No. 9), and Zoomer Dino (No. 10).

My Little Pony
Image Source: Flickr (Lisa Brewster)

My Little Pony is also shaping up to be a hot selling toy line on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping seasons. Searches for My Little Pony are up compared to last month, and it currently occupies the No. 2 spot on Google's trending toys list. American Girl snagged pole position, while Paw Patrol (No. 3) and Lego Friends (No. 4) round out the list.

Don't be surprised if sales records are shattered this year. According to Google, Black Friday is fast becoming a month-long event. In addition, one in five shoppers plan to head to stores on Thanksgiving Day to score Black Friday deals.

Google Black Friday

"Shoppers are already prepping for Black Friday shopping by researching purchases and deals online. We found that 27% of shoppers have already begun hunting for Black Friday deals online," Google said in a blog post.

Google also believes this holiday season will set records in mobile shopping. Shopping searches on Google coming from smartphones have increased 3.5 times year-over-year and are still growing, the Mountain View firm says. Google also said that it's already sending more mobile traffic to retailers per week from Google Shopping than it did during the peak of last holiday season.