OSRAM Takes LED Lighting To The Streets

Time to say goodnight, fluorescents -- looks like the LED is primed to take over. As the world looks for more efficient ways to power businesses, light up streets and keep the world spinning, OSRAM has just introduced two new innovations in the LED lighting space that look to push us one step closer to finally putting those inefficient fluorescent bulbs to rest for good.

For starters, the company revealed its unique Golden DRAGON Oval Plus LED, which is designed to provide perfect lumination for energy-efficient street lighting without the need for secondary optics. The secret -- because we just know you're dying to know -- is in the new integrated lens, which boasts an oval radiation pattern in order to deliver directed light and reduce light pollution elsewhere. Since different roads call for different lighting concepts, the LEDs are available in different white tones.

Moving on, we've got an all new ultra-white OSLON SSL LED that measures in at an almost unbelievable 3 x 3mm in size. Requiring just one single watt of power, the light features a high luminous efficiency of 100 lm/W and is said to be ideal for spotlights, desk lights and ceiling floodlights. No prices are given on these, probably because they'll primarily be sold to local governments and businesses, but we can't help but be intruiged. Just think -- in a few years, your car's headlamps, interior lighting and flashlight will likely all be LED-based. Ah, the sweet smell of progress.

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