Origin PC Stuffs AMD's Bulldozer Into Refreshed Gaming PCs

The world's first unlocked 8-core CPU in a new gaming rig? Sounds like a force worth reckoning with. Origin PC has just announced a refreshed line of gaming rigs with AMD's new FX processors, with professional overclocking up to 5GHz. We're talking about the new Bulldozer architecture, and it's available unlocked and ready to be overclocked to the hilt. You'll get AMD's Turbo Core technology (netting you an extra 1GHz of speed when needed), as well as the company's Direct Connect Architecture, which is said to zap traditional bottlenecks.

So, you down with Bulldozer? Or have you been unimpressed by the benchmarks?

ORIGIN PC Announces the World's First Unlocked 8-Core Desktop Processor

Miami, FL – October 12, 2011, – ORIGIN PC announced today the availability of the new line of AMD FX Processors:  

    * The world's first unlocked 8-core desktop processor
    * ORIGIN PC professional overclocking up to 5GHz
    * AMD Turbo CORE Technology delivering up to an extra 1GHz of speed when needed
    * AMD Direct Connect Architecture eliminating traditional bottlenecks
    * New "Bulldozer" architecture

"ORIGIN PC works directly with the best companies in the industry to deliver our customers with the latest technology first" said Kevin Wasielewski ORIGIN PC CEO and cofounder. "AMD's new unlocked 8-core processors deliver the best price to performance value that we have ever seen."

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