ORIGIN PC EON Gaming Laptop Gets A Graphics Boost With Virtu MVP Mobile

For gamers, the quest for better graphics never ends – you’re always keeping an eye out for something that will give you a better experience or better gaming performance. With LucidLogix Virtu MVP Mobile coming standard on its EON gaming laptops, ORIGIN PC hopes to give you both.

Announcing the Virtu MVP launch at PAX, LucidLogix and ORIGIN are pointing to the virtualization technology’s ability to move media processing from one graphics resource to another. The software can improve video playback, but LucidLogix is emphasizing its performance/power consumption balancing benefits for gamers who use laptops. That said, the software supports (and improves gaming performance) on any system, including desktops.

Origin and LucidLogix Team Up To Launch Virtu MVP

“Virtu MVP Mobile gives our customers an even better competitive edge,” says Kevin Wasielewski, ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder. “Crisp graphics without tearing and rapid fire response are among the many exclusive benefits they can enjoy while gaming at home or on the road.”

The software has some other game-enhancing tricks up its sleeve, including HyperFormance, which, which is designed to improve frame rates, and Virtual Vsync, which aims to let you keep the video-smoothing benefits of Vsync without limiting frame rates.