Origin Announces Humble Bundle 2 With Dragon Age 2 And Mass Effect 2

While all Humble Bundle promotions are interesting in their own right, I admit that the ones to stand out to me the most are those that involve big-name publishers. Coincidentally, it's those same promotions that seem to create the most angst amongst Humble Bundle fans, as going with a big publisher (with all of its DRM) goes against the core values that Humble Bundle had in the beginning.

For those who simply don't care and just want some great games to play though, you're definitely in luck. With the Humble Origin Bundle 2, you're able to score at this point in time nine games for just under $5, or five games for at least $1. There's a hint that more games are coming soon, which is only going to increase the value of the promotion (the additions are retroactive, so you're safe to buy now).

Humble Bundle Origin

In the $1+ tier is Dragon Age: Origins, PEGGLE, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Warchest, and Command & Conquer Generals (+Zero Hour expansion). DA: Origins is an incredible deal for $1 as it is - to get everything else with it is just incredible.

If you're willing to shell out at least $5 (as of the time of writing), though, you'll be able to add Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Dragon Age II, Bejeweled 3, and Mass Effect 2 - the latter of which can provide at least one hundred hours of gameplay.

As mentioned above, more games will be coming soon, as is typical of Humble Bundle promotions. It wouldn't surprise me if a Need for Speed game got dropped in there, but in reality EA's catalog is massive, so it's hard to predict what will be added. Either way, one thing is certain: this is an incredible amount of gameplay for a very modest fee.

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