Oregon Scientific Gets Into Kids' Tablet Game With MEEP! Android Slate

If you're late to the game, you might as well bring some serious naming heat to get noticed. That's what Oregon Scientific are doing, with the unveiling of the "MEEP!" Android tablet. That's correct; there's now a tablet named MEEP! It's pretty tough to believe, but true nonetheless. Not surprisingly, it's designed for children, and will reportedly feature music, movies, e-books, parental controls and other kid-friendly attributes. It's clearly aimed to take some of Leapfrog's market share -- not that of the iPad -- offering a 7" touchpanel, Wi-Fi, an SD card slot, internal storage and a G-Sensor. All websites and content can be monitored through intuitive parental controls that are adjusted remotely on any computer or mobile device with a browser and an Internet connection.

The MEEP! tablet from Oregon Scientific will feature a variety of accessories sold separately, including musical instruments. Beyond that, details are pretty quiet, and there's no mention yet of a price. Too bad this isn't hitting closer to the holidays; sounds like a killer stocking-stuffer for the up-and-coming technologist.