SOLVED: What Is The Order Of 10? Mystery Temporal Shard Lands At HotHardware

Update, 9:52PM - We have since solved this puzzle. Scroll down to the bottom for spoilers but we'd urge you to journey on for the full backstory.  

It's not often a fancy, rugged, environmentally resistant Pelican case shows up on our doorstep. Usually, when it does, something valuable or fragile is inside; often times it's both. And without question, whoever sends you something in a case like this, is both concerned with its safe delivery and also concerned that they make the proper statement that something important lies within. So, yeah, this showed up today from a group, entity, organization or tribe of some sort known as The Order Of 10. It was delivered in a very nondescript package from an unknown (at least to us) California address.

Power Of 10 Case

The instructions were simple. A small black business card within told us to "unlock your piece of the puzzle at," which of course we did promptly. We were told that we have unlocked one of six total "temporal shards," which seems to hint at a World of Warcraft reference, or Transformers or National Treasure, though we're inclined to go with WoW. However, WoW Heads often refer to "Temporal Crystals" as shards. It has been noted that a Temporal Crystal is "an Enchanting ingredient used in nearly all Warlords of Draenor enchanting recipes." And temporal specifically relates to time in the worldly realm, rather than spiritual.

Power Of 10 Case Unboxed

Finally, apparently our shard, because we were instructed to enter with the path /SingularityField/ in it, was that of a "location where the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field of a celestial body become infinite in a way that does not depend on the coordinate system." Hat tip to the ol' Wikipedia on that one.

So, in short, we're a deep vortex of infinite time that sucks you in so deep you can't even calculate it, unless you have a quantum computer maybe. Perfect!

Temporal Shard Key

Just what could this mystery shard key be about? At this point, all six shards have been unlocked. We were the first shard of the hexagonal symbol that is now complete...

Temporal Shard
Update 5/2, 8:30PM: Click the image and then click each shard to read what each mean.
Our shard is H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine"

Your guess, of course, is as good as ours. What cojoining force does this signal?

Update, 9:52PM 5/2/2016 - The puzzle at the website has officially been solved, since all of the 6 temporal shards have been unlocked. As you can plainly see now, we have a countdown clock pointing to a Friday, 5/6 announcement that "humanity shall be enlightened," which could be a soft Illuminati reference. However, if you click each shard on the prelude page ,you'll note there are shards for H.G. Wells (Circles), Gottfried Leibniz (Compute), Herman Snellen (Vision), Johannes Kepler (Astronomy), Albert Einstein(Collision/Tessellation Waves) and Charles Howard Hinton (Structure/Tesseract). 

With names like "Kepler" and words like "compute" and "tessellation" sprinkled throughout you get more than a hint that NVIDIA conjured up this game. In fact, the "OrderOf10" seems to be consistent with previous rumors of NVIDIA's next generation Pascal (a French mathematician, physicist and inventor) GeForce cards which have been seen with numbers like GTX 1080 and 1070 etched on the top of their fan shrouds. The order of "10" indeed.