Orange Guitar Amp + PC Might Be The Best Looking Desktop Ever

Ever dreamed of owning a PC in an amp case? Ever dreamed of just owning an Orange guitar amplifier? In a weird way, you can solve both of those dreams. Orange Personal Computers have upgraded the Orange OP, which is basically a guitar + computer hybrid device. There's now a Core i7 option, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, inbuilt instrument/mic amplifier and stereo JBL speakers. The company claims that it's good for making Demos or Master digital recordings, enabling users to just plug- in, play/record, multi-track/mix, and then upload straight onto the Web for the world to access.

As a Windows audio workstation, the OPC can be easily expanded with any additional hardware or software as needed. The OPC is light, portable and can also be used as a powerful computer; it measures only (h) 32cm x (w) 35cm x (d) 24cm, with prices ranging from $1125 to $1579. A new PC never looked so good.

Tags:  Desktop, orange, amp