Orange Charges Small Fortune For LG's GD910 Watchphone

Think the iPhone is hot stuff? Think the Pre was captured everyone's imagination? How's about sporting a cellphone on your wrist? We're not talking about one of those fancy Bluetooth watches that communicated with your phone, we're talking about a full-on watchphone. LG's GD910 has been making the rounds at major trade shows and such for over a year now, but the time has finally come for it to make landfall on a carrier.

Hailed as the planet's first 3G touch watchphone, this timepiece features a 1.43" tempered glass touchscreen, a 14mm thick chassis, a fold fastening strap, all the features you expect of a watch (world clock, stopwatch, alarm, etc.) and an IPX4 splash-resistant body. Besides all that, it also packs a VGA camera, MP3 player, diary (yeah, really!), an electronic dictionary and a svelte, fluid user interface.

Naturally, the device also has built-in Bluetooth, which enables it to pair up with Bluetooth headsets and other devices. And unless you enjoy talking into your wrist, you'll probably need such a headset. The watchphone will be available for those with deep pockets starting this week, but you'll need to be in France and a fan of Orange in order to secure one. So, just how much will this cute little critter cost? Try €899 ($1273) on a contract. We know, pretty steep! There's no word on when this unit will head to other countries, but with a price tag like that, we aren't sure too many folks will care.