Option's XYFI Is Planet's Smallest 3G + Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot

MiFis and mobile hotspots are small, but they aren't tiny. Yet. Option is aiming to redefine how a wireless hotspot / router should look, by introducing the smallest one you've ever seen. The XYFI is indeed hailed as the world's tiniest mobile hotspot, offering Wi-Fi signals to up to eight devices. In addition to connecting to cellular networks to share Wi-Fi, XYFI also connects to WiFi presenting the user as a hub to connectivity and providing carriers with significant Wi-Fi offload benefits. XYFI is powered via USB connection, meaning users can take advantage of a wide variety of USB-enabled power sources; in fact the XYFI will offer a set of elegant power accessories, including a wall and car plug, and a unique extended battery pack for the longest autonomy of any battery-powered personal hotspot router.

It can be easily managed from an intuitive web-based GUI and dedicated mobile pages. In addition to secure, seamless connectivity, XYFI’s integrated microSD memory card slot and streaming capabilities allow users to share media and files. The company will be announcing leading customers in the coming weeks. Needless to say, the bar has been raised... in a shrinking way.
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