Oppo Find X Superphone Tipped To Include Massive 10GB RAM And No Notch

Oppo's Find X smartphone launched during the summer, and it had a very attractive design that eschewed the notch design that the iPhone X popularized (and was quickly followed by many others). Instead, the Find X got around the need for a notch by using a motorized, pop-up camera that hid away when not needed. A new version of that smartphone has been tipped by a TENNA (the Chinese equivalent of the FCC) listing, and it will have a feature that is a world first.

find x fb

The TENNA listing that surfaced shows that a new Find X version will have 10GB of RAM inside along with 256GB of storage space. Ice Universe discovered the listing and shared via Twitter. Many smartphone users will automatically wonder, why exactly do you need 10GB of RAM?

Applications that can benefit from 6GB or 8GB of RAM inside a smartphone are scant; it's unlikely currently that anything will need 10GB of RAM. Having more RAM is a bragging right more than anything and reports have suggested that RAM is a big selling point for the Chinese market. However, you could envision that multitasking with many applications open at once or in the background could have more breathing room, no matter what you throw at this device.

find x 1

The only change in specifications called out for this new version of the Find X is the RAM. That presumably means the 6.4-inch 1080+ OLED display with the 92.25% screen-to-body ratio will carry over. Also, from what we can see in these shots, there is no apparent notch in the display as well. The motorized camera that pops up from the top of the smartphone with 25MP resolution for selfies will carry over as well. The back of the smartphone has dual 20MP and 16MP sensors and LED flash built-in. However, we still wonder about the durability of the pop-up camera after drops, but it is a slick solution to keep things notchless.