Opera GX's Unbreakable Anger Controllers Are Fakes That Combat Gamer Rage

Anger controllers
While you game, do you ever get just a little too angry? Are you known to break your controllers in half, or destroy your keyboard? Is there just a rage building up inside of you every time someone steals your kill? Well, Opera GX has a solution for you! Anger controllers!

Yes, Anger controllers, the solution to all your gamer rage. These controllers feature great technologies and even breakaway pieces so they are "the world's first gaming peripherals with infinite lives." So says the ad from Opera GX. Except for one little detail—these peripherals are not actually real.

anger controllers logo
The admittedly over-the-top and fake peripheral advertisement goes in that direction intentionally though because the real message here isn't about hardware. At least it is not gaming peripherals, but human behavior. This advertising campaign from Opera GX is an attempt to open a window upon gamers with anger and rage issues. While many YouTubers and gamers gained their notoriety through what looks like anger played for laughs, actual gamer rage might be a real issue, and Opera is hoping to highlight this.

YouTube Advertisement for Anger Controllers

Mental health is something extremely difficult to talk about, especially in the wake of many recent events in the United States. However, it is something that should be talked about. Luckily, Opera GX has partnered with Harvard-trained psychiatrist, Dr. K, founder of Healthy Gamer to help provide resources and guidance for those who do have certain mental considerations when associated with gaming.

There is a thread on the OperaGX subreddit for those who wish to add to the discussions on this. Also, on June 6th at 7:00 PM Pacific, both Dr. K and YouTuber Cr1tikal are going to do a Twitch Livestream specifically to discuss mental health in gaming. Those participating in the live stream could also be one of ten who could win eight coaching sessions with Healthy Gamer.

anger mouse
Thrown "Anger Controller" Mouse

If you struggle with mental health it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor to reach out for help, and Opera GX is helping normalize this chat. While you don't necessarily have to utilize Health Gamer if you feel like you need help, please, reach out to someone who can provide that to you.